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IGPK and JFH: A Merger That Could Reshape Global E-Commerce

Once a penny stock no one cared about, IGPK has embarked on a game-changing journey through its merger with JFH Digital E-Commerce Corp, a behemoth in the Chinese e-commerce landscape valued at an astonishing $70 billion. This historic deal has catapulted IGPK’s stock from $0.001 to over a penny, signaling a radical shift in market dynamics and investor perception.

The merger between IGPK and JFH transcends the typical OTC merger narrative. Instead, it heralds the emergence of a powerhouse poised to redefine global e-commerce. By combining JFH’s distinctive business model with IGPK’s strategic access to US markets, this historic deal promises to reshape the industry.

JFH's primary business operation is running an e-commerce platform through an app, which is available for download in appropriate regions. The app lets customers browse and purchase a wide range of products and services across various sectors. Their app also enables merchants on the platform to manage their orders, inventory, and promotions, as well as allows access to various tools and resources to improve their business performance.

What makes the JFH e-commerce platform unique is when it's users make purchases, they receive rebates that are paid out as dividends. These dividends can then be used on the platform or be paid out to a bank card. This forward-thinking approach has captivated over 50 million users and garnered unprecedented endorsement from the Chinese government, as it aligns with the Chinese government’s initiative to boost economic growth by expanding and upgrading consumption. According to a report by China Internet Watch, JFH stands as one of the leading digital e-commerce companies in China, boasting a Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) exceeding $10 billion in 2023.

In addition to their e-commerce platform, JFH has also released a phone that offers a remarkable user experience – on-par with your big name brands like Samsung and Huawei. The phone features a long-lasting battery, a stunning 100 megapixels camera, 5G network capabilities, sizable memory options, and a crisp screen 120 Hz screen. All of this in with its stylish design, personalization options, and an affordable starting price at $550 USD, puts them in competition with major phone brands from the start.

With over 100,000 operational facilities and an extensive user base, JFH is well-positioned to dominate the e-commerce market in China and beyond. JFH’s operational facilities include warehouses, distribution centers, service stations, and offline stores, which enable the company to deliver fast and reliable services to its customers.

JFH, already a major player in China, plans to extend its reach to other booming e-commerce markets such as the US, Europe, and Southeast Asia. The company is also planning to enter new sectors, including healthcare, education, and entertainment.

The merger with IGPK is a strategic move that significantly bolsters JFH's ability to accomplish it's growth plans, positioning it to diversify its revenue streams, expand its user base, and increase its brand awareness. With the e-commerce market expected to grow by 9.4% in 2024, reaching over $6 trillion worldwide, JFH is well-equipped to capture a substantial share of this burgeoning international market.

Given the magnitude and operational scale of JFH, it is anticipated that the merged entity will plan to uplist to a major exchange like NASDAQ or NYSE. This move would not only validate its market standing and attract a broader investor base, but also provide the merged entity with increased visibility, liquidity, credibility, and access to more extensive capital to fuel their expansion plans. Furthermore, uplisting to a major exchange aligns with JFH's ambition to become a global leader in e-commerce, enabling the company to compete with industry giants such as Amazon, Alibaba, and Walmart.

To facilitate the merger, IGPK underwent significant corporate restructuring

The new management team, consisting of JFH executives – who have extensive experience and expertise in e-commerce, finance, and technology – is working to update the company’s information on OTC Markets, as well as to complete a name change with FINRA. The name change is expected to reflect the new identity and vision of the merged entity.

The merger between IGPK and JFH is a landmark event poised to reshape the e-commerce landscape worldwide. It marks the dawn of a new era for IGPK, now a pivotal player in the global market, ready to harness the rapid industry growth, driven by JFH’s customer-centric innovations and expansive infrastructure.

For IGPK and its stakeholders, this transition from a marginal penny stock to a global e-commerce titan encapsulates a leap towards unprecedented market relevance and profitability. It showcases why mergers are always making headlines in the OTC.

As this new chapter unfolds, the combined might of IGPK and JFH stands ready to explore the vast expanse of global e-commerce, armed with innovative strategies, a robust user base, and a vision to redefine market standards.

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