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This Week's Must-See Event On The OTC: RWGI Live Earnings Call

The biggest event in the stock market is this week. But for those on the OTC, it's not about AAPL or AMZN earnings, the FED meeting, or even the jobs report. It's the Rodedawg International Industries (OTC PINK: RWGI) earnings call, live on Twitter Spaces.

Tweet linking to earnings call

RWGI is one of the fastest-growing cannabis companies on the OTC, aiming for over $7 million in annual revenue this year. Investors are eagerly anticipating the earnings call, where management will discuss their earnings, growth strategy, and share any major news. Major news could include more information about the scope of the planned share cancellation, which would undoubtedly generate buzz and strengthen the company's appeal — all the more reason to tune into the call.

RWGI's bold moves are positioning it for significant growth. From operations to financial targets, the company demonstrates a readiness to reach the next level. They are clearly a contender for an uplist to a larger exchange, and already carry themselves like a NASDAQ company. Holding a live earnings call emphasizes this, underlining the company's commitment to transparency and engagement with investors.

Mark your calendar for April 30th and join us on Twitter Spaces for an exclusive look at RWGI's plans. The company’s rapid growth and strategic vision make this earnings call one of the most anticipated events on the OTC. Don't miss it:

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