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IGPK 10k Fuels Excitement In The OTC

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IGPK, now known as JFH Digital E-Commerce Corp, dropped their 10K this weekend, much to the excitement of OTC traders. The report ultimatly confirms what we've long known: IGPK is now fully merged with Dongguan Junfenghuang E-Commerce Co. (JFH), a titan in the Chinese e-commerce scene, reportedly valued in the billion-dollar range.

Starting with Q1 2024, JFH’s significant revenues will be reflected in IGPK’s financial reports, a moment that shareholders are eagerly anticipating. The submission of this 10k this weekend also serves to keep IGPK compliant with OTC Markets regulations, ensuring that even if the grace period expired before the review, there would be no downgrade to an EM designation. This is consistent with how situations like the IJJP case were handled, where the submission of filings prior to the end of grace period prevented them from going to EM (despite the lack of OTC reviewing the report before the grace period expired).

The 10K also reassures investors that there are no covert dilutive schemes, such as convertible notes or intricate share deals, lurking in the backdrop. Everything looks clear for the road ahead. IGPK also updated its description on OTC Markets to accurately reflect the new company. The updated profile now reads: “Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Dongguan Junfenghuang E-Commerce Co., Ltd., a PRC limited liability company, IGPK operates as an Internet e-commerce company through which its resident merchants sell an array of consumer products on the online platform to customers located primarily in China.”

Moreover, the company has updated its contact information, enhancing the ease of engagement for all stakeholders. While we are still anticipating the website update, it is expected to soon mirror these changes.

As IGPK steps into its exciting new phase as a billion-dollar e-commerce giant, the potential for a major market impact is unmistakable. The anticipation is palpable, with some commenting on social media that IGPK could spark the next OTC Gold Rush, similar to what we saw in early 2021. Whether that will be the case or not, only time will tell. But one thing is for certain: IGPK is igniting a frenzy in the OTC.

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