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How You Can Utilize AI To Improve Your Website

Utilizing AI to Improve Web Content 

Many fear that AI will take over and replace them. However, what only some understand is that AI, if used correctly, can improve their day-to-day tasks. This is especially true in the web content space. Here are three ways that AI platforms can improve your web content:

Content Rewrites

Platforms such as ChatGPT are great resources to plug your existing content into and have it pare down, summarize, or rewrite what is currently on a webpage. This is a great way to streamline the editing process or even discover what the AI platform believes is the most important content on the page.

The most important thing to remember is that these platforms learn from each unique user. It is not recommended to take the content that it produces and slap it directly onto your site. The result can be used as a baseline for any content rewrites that your business may be going through. However, it is important to tailor the content generated toward the actual webpage and your business so that it flows and fits the overall purpose.

Keywords for SEO

AI platforms are also great for taking the hassle out of pulling keywords. While the results won’t be based on real-time search data or user behavior, it will still analyze the content you provide and pull options that may be relevant and great for improving search results. 

AI tools can also analyze content and recommend places to add specific keywords. Some platforms can even pull SEO reports that give you an in-depth analysis of the keywords that it finds throughout your content and suggestions for improvement. 

Receive Feedback

AI tools can provide detailed, objective feedback and recommendations on the content that you input. While you specifically have to ask these platforms what you’re looking for, they can assess the flow and appeal of the content within minutes. 

A great example is “I’m writing an article on 'The Basics Of Web Content Strategy.' This article is for a general audience and has to be easy to read. Give me feedback on the following introduction paragraph and tell me ways to improve the quality, clarity, and style.”

A good AI platform should be able to analyze the content you provide and generate a comprehensive set of feedback. Some platforms even make note of redundant content, which will assist with creating more engaging content.

AI platforms are nothing to be afraid of. It will never replace a person or a team of people. Instead, it can be a creative and fun tool (if used correctly) to streamline all of your web content processes and needs. 

Spicy Agent M. is a contributor for Degen Magazine. Her interests include web content/all things websites, corgis, and hanging out in the corner. Follow her on Twitter for more: @SpicyAgentM

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