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F Around and Find Out: All Things Web - Financial Impacts of Web Accessibility

A computer screen depicting web accessibility integration

If you are one of the few that believes that web accessibility is a burden to you and your business…. I hate to break it to you, but you’re the problem. And if you run a website but are unfamiliar with web accessibility, then today is your lucky day.

Web Accessibility is the act of ensuring that there are no barriers that would prevent someone who is disabled from being able to properly access information or have the proper functionality on a website. This may include using Alt Text for images so screen readers can properly detect and describe an image to a visually impaired user or utilizing closed captions on videos so hearing-impaired users can follow along.

90% of websites are inaccessible to those with disabilities who may rely on certain assistive technologies. Ignoring web accessibility can lead to a downfall in reputation and a decrease in revenue. Fun fact: web accessibility falls under Section 508 of ADA Title II. Now let’s get into some reasons as to why poor web accessibility can impact your growth. 

Negative User Experience

Creating barriers for users will inevitably deter them from visiting your website or utilizing your business. Websites shouldn’t lead to frustration, they should accurately provide information and create a unique and seamless experience for all users. In fact, a blind man was able to sue Domino’s Pizza when he was unable to order through the chain’s app using his screen reader. No business wants to have a lawsuit come knocking on their door along with various fines, so spend the extra time, resources, and money to include web accessibility features on your website.

Loss of Web Traffic

Web traffic plays a vital role in a business’s growth and financial health. Lack of web accessibility elements can fatally impact the performance of a site, leading to a loss in cash flow from this particular marketing channel. An increased bounce rate, the number of users leaving your site, can be noted on sites that fail to include accessibility elements. As a business, positive growth, retaining users, and attracting new users should be the main focus. You can avoid these negative consequences by incorporating more web accessibility and functionality elements into your site. 

Negative Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

An inaccessible website makes it even more difficult for search engines to index your content, making it less findable for users and negatively impacting your search rankings. Google, for example, relies on text to understand images and other forms of media content. When a website fails to include alt text with its media, this search engine is unable to pick up on the proper tagging, ranking it lower in search. The higher the ranking, the higher the web traffic, the more your site is seen, and the more likely you’ll be able to grow and attract new customers or users. 

Ignoring some key accessibility elements can be the downfall of your website or business. Taking the extra time to make your website inclusive and accessible is a great way to grow and create a positive impact. You’ll be able to avoid the negative consequences, leading to a better financial impact overall. 

Spicy Agent M. is a contributor for Degen Magazine. Her interests include web content/all things websites, corgis, and hanging out in the corner. Follow her on Twitter for more: @SpicyAgentM

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