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Stock Spotlight: Dalrada Financial ($DFCO) Heating up the Heat Pump Sector

$DFCO & Why the Heat Pump Sector is Pumping

Unlike traditional air conditioning units, heat pumps displace hot air to cool a room and operate at a far higher efficiency rate.…

In March of 2023, $TSLA entered the heat pump sector and has begun developing the technology to be used in a call Tesla vehicles.…

$DFCO, trading on #OTCQB exchange, has advanced proprietary heat pump technology and has already secured a contract pipeline worth $500M for the French and Moroccan markets.

$DFCO recently reported $29.7M revenues for the fiscal year, an increase of 54.3% over the last fiscal year. The company also achieved a positive net equity.…

Dalrada secured multi-year contracts in France and Morocco for a total of 6,800 heat pumps which equates to a combined contract value of $500M. The current market cap of $DFCO is only $31M. This puts the company in a position of being extremely undervalued.

The chart has signaled a strong reversal, once again basing over the 9ma and the 50ma. A retest of highs is expected in the near future.

In 2022, Spain passed a new law limiting air conditioning temperatures to be set no lower than 80 degrees Fahrenheit in public places. These new regulations are aimed at decreasing costly energy usage throughout the country during their blistering hot seasons. It is likely Spain and other EU countries begin rapidly adopting heat pump technology as a result.…

The heat pump sector continues to rally as related publicly traded companies continue to achieve new highs, despite the global equities bear market. Examples include $TT, $LII, $MOD. It is likely we see a surge in $DFCO price in the near future.

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