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International Star Inc. (ILST): Navigating the Intersection of Entertainment and Cannabis


International Star Inc. (ILST) is carving out a significant niche at the intersection of entertainment and cannabis. Under the leadership of CEO Todd Masse, ILST is adeptly navigating the evolving cultural and legal landscapes of the cannabis industry.

Late in 2022, ILST acquired Budding Equity Inc., a firm specializing in leveraging celebrity and movie studio partnerships to create marketable cannabis products. Since the acquisition, Budding Equity has begun shifting its approach from relying solely on third-party intellectual properties to developing and managing its own. This transition has given the company greater flexibility and control over product development and distribution, allowing it to resonate more effectively with consumers and innovate within the cannabis market.

A prime example of ILST's strategic integration with the entertainment industry is its 20% stake in B Studios, a Hollywood-based film production company. This partnership bore fruit with the co-production of the horror-thriller movie "All My Friends Are Dead," set to premiere on June 8th at the Tribeca Festival in New York. The company has said more projects with B Studios are expected to be announced later this year.

The West Coast Warlord, Ice Cube

Collaborations with icons like Ice Cube have led to the creation of unique cannabis brands such as 'Good Day' and 'Fryday'. Ice Cube's involvement extends beyond branding, as his cultural influence and fanbase significantly boost the appeal and market reach of these products. Kevin Smith has also contributed to ILST's portfolio with brands like 'Snoogens', 'Berzerker', and 'Snoochie Boochies', along with 'Jay and Silent Bob' accessories. These partnerships are further enhanced by deals with major entertainment properties such as Paramount’s 'Cheech and Chong Up in Smoke', Sony’s 'Pineapple Express', and 'Trailer Park Boyz'.

Recent changes in cannabis regulation have further empowered ILST to expand these product lines and explore new markets, solidifying its role as a bridge between mainstream entertainment and cannabis culture. Building on its strategic foundations, ILST has partnered with Rolling Room Corporation to introduce innovative pre-rolled cannabis products across North America and Europe, starting with a rapid deployment in Canada. This partnership leverages advanced pre-roll processing technology to redefine the consumer experience in the cannabis industry globally and capitalize on loosening regulations in the United States.

As ILST continues to grow its current operations, CEO Todd Masse stated in his shareholder letter that he is proactively seeking additional acquisition opportunities to further expand the company’s footprint. His strategy involves identifying and integrating businesses that complement and enhance ILST’s existing portfolio, ensuring sustained growth and innovation in the rapidly evolving cannabis market. While 'trust the process' isn't much of a confidence boost, the last company Masse managed was sold for $38 million to NASDAQ-listed $ACB, so maybe this is a 'let him cook' situation.

By embracing strategic changes and swiftly adapting to regulatory shifts, ILST is ready to seize new opportunities in the cannabis market. With its high-quality IPs and cannabis products backed by big names, ILST has the potential to captivate consumers across the globe.

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