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IGPK Confirms Merger With Name Change To JFH Digital E-Commerce Corp

IGPK has officially updated its name to JFH Digital E-Commerce Corp in the Nevada Secretary of State records, a clear indication of the forthcoming merger and embracing the future direction of the company. This name change serves as concrete confirmation that IGPK is transitioning into a new phase, merging with the Chinese e-commerce behemoth valued in the billion-dollar range – a never before seen event on the OTC market.

The name change with the Nevada SOS is a critical move, confirming the anticipated merger and setting the stage for the official unveiling scheduled for March 28 in China. This event is expected to serve as the final confirmation of the merger, showcasing the combined entity’s strategic vision and operational plans moving forward.

The significance of this merger for investors and the market is substantial. It positions IGPK, now JFH Digital E-Commerce Corp, to utilize its US listing as an emerging force within the global e-commerce industry. This merger provides shareholders with an unprecedented opportunity to get in on an already established billion dollar entity in a booming industry, but do so at ground-level startup prices. 

Recent trading activities reflect growing investor confidence, More than 500 million shares have been actively traded above the 0.01 area, highlighting investor confidence and market interest. Despite a slight pullback after five consecutive days of gains, the overall momentum seems positive. With the March 28 unveiling in China drawing near, the market's eyes are on IGPK, while current shareholders are looking for it to surpass recent highs.

As the official unveiling approaches, anticipation continues to build. This date is expected to mark a pivotal moment, providing definitive insights into the future operations and strategic direction of the newly listed JFH Digital E-Commerce Corp. Stakeholders are keenly awaiting this event, poised to witness the final pieces of the merger fall into place, potentially catalyzing a new era of growth and market repositioning for the company.

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