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Epazz, Inc. Is Breaking New Ground With Bold Innovations

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Epazz, Inc. (OTC Pink: EPAZ) is making big moves in the technology and innovation sector, gaining attention for its subsidiaries' groundbreaking achievements in drone technology, battery technology, and cryptocurrency mining. The company's ability to secure government contracts, secure patents, and diversify into new markets underscores its potential for significant growth.

Image of VTOL Drone

One of the most exciting developments from Epazz comes from its subsidiary ZenaDrone, Inc. Known for its vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) drone technology, ZenaDrone caught the attention of the U.S. military, leading to contracts with the United States Air Force. This recognition speaks volumes about the advanced capabilities of Epazz's drone technology and its potential for growth.

Epazz's ZenaDrone, Inc. has successfully secured additional funding for Phase 1 of its United States Air Force contract, with plans to move into Phase 2. This contract provides a solid foundation for ZenaDrone to develop its UAV technology, with expectations of a substantial revenue increase. The success of this contract not only reflects ZenaDrone's innovation in aerial surveillance and reconnaissance but also highlights its potential for future growth and collaboration with other government agencies.

Dr. Shaun Passley, CEO of Epazz, Inc., remarked that the Air Force contract not only validates ZenaDrone's technological advancements but also creates new opportunities for growth and further collaboration with government agencies. This additional funding is a significant milestone for ZenaDrone, allowing the company to strengthen its position in the UAV sector and attract further interest from potential clients.

Galaxy Batteries Product Image

Epazz's Galaxy Batteries, Inc., another subsidiary, is pushing the boundaries of battery technology. The company recently filed its second patent for solid-state battery technology, which uses artificial intelligence to gather environmental data and optimize battery output for drones and electric airplanes. This innovation represents Epazz's commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency, as the batteries are designed to achieve high-density and high-voltage performance.

Galaxy Batteries, Inc. plans to continue developing this technology, with additional patents expected in the coming months. The company's focus on AI-driven solid-state batteries not only complements ZenaDrone's UAV technology but also has broader applications for other high-powered devices and aircraft.

Tweet from Epazz Inc.

Epazz's diversification strategy extends beyond drones and batteries. CryObo, another Epazz subsidiary, is pioneering solar-powered Bitcoin mining operations. The plan is to establish a facility in Dubai's remote desert areas, using solar panels that rotate to capture maximum energy, which is then stored in Galaxy Batteries.

EPAZ also announced that CryObo will be issuing tokens for its solar Bitcoin operations. These tokens will grant holders a share in the income generated from CryObo's Bitcoin mining, highlighting the company's innovative approach to technology and its ability to create new revenue streams through unique business models.

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At the helm of Epazz is Dr. Shaun Passley, whose expertise in product development and business management guides the company’s growth. His vision, along with the sales leadership of Raymond Kennedy, positions Epazz for ongoing success. Epazz has created a business model that balances growth with stability, focusing on fostering innovation and embracing emerging business models.

Epazz, Inc. is a company on the rise, with a strong focus on technological advancement, government contracts, and a diversified portfolio. If you're looking for a company that pushes boundaries and isn't afraid to embrace the future, Epazz is one to watch. With its recent developments, strong management team, and tech-focused approach, the company is poised for continued success.

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