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An Open Message On Brock Purdy To Dynasty Players Everywhere

Chad Clopper

I'm angry with r/DynastyFF -- and potentially dynasty players everywhere -- over the repugnant disrespect of Brock Purdy. First, if you are a participant on r/DynastyFF, I want you to know I'm not mad at you. It's your behavior which is disappointing. The unwillingness to give Big Cock Brock the props he deserves fills me with rage. These are feelings that I have to deal with sometimes when I go on Reddit or Twitter, which then cause me frustration. When I am frustrated at being filled with rage, my therapist says it's healthy to express my feelings, instead of turning to Gilbey's Vodka for comfort.

So here I am. The post which has me going right now you can find by clicking the link earlier in this sentence. Specifically, that is, how the comments were an assortment of repugnant disrespects of Brock Purdy. Some of these criticisms were ridiculous. For example, the idea he can't be good because he's on a great team. BCB cannot help it if he gets to play alongside all of Deebo, McCafferty, Kittle, Aiyuk, and Ray-Ray McLoud. Or that he's coached by Kyle Shanahan. So get out of my face with that.

It's not like he's just doing pretty good either. He's doing very good.

Here's a question, what would a quarterback have to do on such a talented team to prove to you? Maybe lead the league in ypa, or td%, or quarterback rating, or QBR. What if he was finalist for MVP. How about leading his team to the super bowl after a couple 4th quarter comebacks in the play-offs?

These are all things that were done by Purdy this year.

If this thrifty logic doesn't convince you, follow a link that shows all-22 game film when you click on it. A lot of people around here were dogging BCB over his performance in the NFC-CG. Having watched the game myself, a game the 49ers came back from 24-7, your disillusionedness tastes worse than black olives. The above film cut-up was made with a bad taste in my mouth.

More on that later.

In a post I made before earlier in the season, I "compared" Big Cock Brock to the G.O.A.T. You would have to misunderstand me to think I meant to declare him as good as TB12. But a lot of people did. What I really meant was: Purdy is the same quarterback archetype with similar strengths and weaknesses. You could say it's a comp of style. I said before these traits were a quick mind, a quick release, un-fazed, and great ball placement. He puts his balls where he pleases, in other words. I would also like to add to that list anticipation.

Here's an example of wonderful anticipation on Purdy's behalf. He's throwing while his receiver enters his break, the ball is half way by the time Aiyuk whips his head around. How does a quarterback hit the deep out without having a rocket launcher on his shoulder - anticipation is how. Later in the game, watch same route, same receiver, Aiyuk can't even react. Too fast.

Speaking of fast, this time he goes thru 4 progressions in 1.9s.

Here's some cajones and accuracy too, and some Mahomes type Rumpelstiltskin shit.

In his best play of the game imo, please watch this 21s video, he delivers perfectly while being drilled by a very a large man.

These plays are being shown to you not to gloss over some of the Purdy's errors. Believe me. His interception was bad, not only because it was unappealing, it also left the Lions in scoring position. There were some sacks taken 2nd half when the 49er's were in the red-zone of the end-zone. And some misfires happened which were mostly nearly out of reach. At one point, he almost got poor Jauan Jennings killed by decapitation over the middle when the defender tried to knock his head off. Luckily Jennings was unharmed.

But here I bring up the the almost interceptions Purdy has had, which everybody around here wants to keep track of for some reason, to tell you to get out of my face with that shit. The argument is Big Cock Brock is luckier than everybody else? Like I said, get out of my face with that shit. "In my experience there's no such thing as luck." Have you considered a) Brock is actually a jedi, b) every quarterback has almost interceptions, c) it's ridiculous to truly argue he's luckier than other quarterbacks.

One of you is going to pull out some PFF article showing Purdy is in real life luckier than all the other quarterbacks, I know it. My only hope is that nobody reads this far. None the less, I ask that you please don't.

In the end, I thank you making it this far. I thank you for you time; time you will never get it back. I truly believe everybody should take the effort to make each moment in their lives count. It's why I'm here expressing my feelings instead of drinking Gilby's vodka and picking fights with my neighbors.

Brock Purdy's journey is an inspiration. Watching him play football reminds you of what it is. From last pick in the draft to SB MVP.

- A Message From Chad Clopper

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