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Why I'm Putting My Money on the Lions To Be #1 In The NFC

After week 7 wrapped up, I stumbled on this bet: Detroit Lions, at +450, to be kings of the NFC. Now, before you spit out your coffee, hear me out. I know everyone's all hyped about the Eagles and the 49ers. Sure, they're looking hot at 6-1 and 5-2, but here's the catch: Detroit, even after that sting from the Ravens, is hanging tight at 5-2. That recent game where they only scored 6 points? The first time this season they've gone under 20. But that's just a blip when you look at the bigger picture – how consistent Detroit's been and the cakewalk they've got coming up in their schedule.

Now for some juicy details on the team. Amon-Ra St. Brown is a true WR1 in the NFL, currently ranking 8th in the NFL in receiving yards with 557 and 5th in receptions with 51. Then there's rookie TE Sam LePorta, who's 4th among TEs in yards, and get this, he's outpacing some WRs like Michael Thomas, DeAndre Hopkins, and Garrett Wilson.

The running back duo of Montgomery and Gibbs have been nothing short of impressive. Despite splitting the workload and having each missed some time this season, their combined stats are jaw-dropping. Together, they've accumulated 632 rushing yards. For perspective, the current leader, Christian McCaffrey, sits at 598. They've also combined for 7 TDs, which would place them second in the NFL right after CMC with 8. When it comes to receiving, they've amassed 194 yards, ranking them 4th in RB receiving yards behind stars like CMC, Samaje Perine, and Travis Etienne.

Now, don't get me wrong. The 49ers and Eagles are beasts. But if you're in it to make some real dough, their odds won't cut it. The Lions, with their talent and upcoming favorable schedule, are in a prime position. They've got matchups with the Raiders, Chargers, Bears (x2), Packers, Saints, Broncos, Vikings (x2), and the Cowboys. And honestly? Only the Cowboys might give the Lions a run for their money thanks to their stout defense.

A $10 bet on the Lions to secure the #1 seed in the NFC, if they come through, pays $110. They might not be the media's darlings like the 49ers or Eagles, but sometimes it's not about who's the flashiest. It's about spotting the undervalued assets. And right now, the Lions are it.

To wrap this up, if you're all about those obvious bets, go for the Eagles or 49ers. But if you’re a true degen, join me on this Lions train. They may be the underdogs for the top seed, but this is an underdog with some real bite.

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