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Metavesco (OTC PINK: MVCO) Lands Huge ApeCoin Partnership

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Metavesco Inc. (OTC PINK: MVCO), a prominent player in the digital asset landscape, has marked a significant milestone in its journey towards revolutionizing traditional business models through web3 technologies. The company's subsidiary, Boring Brew, has recently been selected to participate in the prestigious Made by ApeCoin Accelerator Program. This is not merely a recognition but a strategic boost that aligns Boring Brew with the innovative ApeCoin ecosystem, fueling its next phase of growth with substantial backing.


With an infusion of up to 20,000 APE tokens, Boring Brew is set to enhance its specialty coffee offerings. This funding initiative will propel Boring Brew into new markets, enabling the company to harness blockchain technology to refine its operations and customer interactions."We are incredibly grateful to the ApeCoin community and the Thank Ape initiative for this amazing opportunity," said Ryan Schadel, CEO of Metavesco Inc. "This program will empower Boring Brew to innovate and grow, further enhancing our specialty coffee offerings. We can't wait to see the surprises Boring Brew will bring to the market, now powered by ApeCoin." Since acquiring Boring Brew, Metavesco has focused on redefining the coffee industry, introducing cutting-edge packaging technologies and a unique product range that sets it apart from competitors.

The selection by the ApeCoin DAO signifies a broader acceptance and integration of web3 solutions into mainstream products, offering Boring Brew not only financial benefits but also access to a broad network of tech innovators and market pioneers. This is expected to catalyze further innovation and market expansion strategies, reinforcing Boring Brew’s position as a leader in the merging worlds of specialty coffee and digital technology.

Whiskey Barrels

Expanding its strategic horizons, Metavesco is also venturing into the spirits industry with a potential acquisition of one of South Carolina’s oldest distilleries. This move underlines Metavesco's ambition to blend rich historical business practices with modern technological advances. The acquisition is currently under thorough due diligence to ensure it aligns with Metavesco’s long-term strategic goals and to validate the synergies that the historic distillery can bring to Metavesco's diverse portfolio.

In a bold move to underscore its financial robustness and commitment to enhancing shareholder value, Metavesco has also announced a stock buyback program, authorizing the repurchase of up to $1 million of its own shares. This buyback initiative is funded by revenues from Metavesco’s bitcoin mining operations, reflecting a strong belief by the company in its future growth and current trajectory.

These strategic initiatives represent Metavesco’s commitment to actively shaping the future of how traditional industries can leverage digital assets for growth and innovation. As Metavesco continues to push the boundaries of what's possible at the intersection of technology and traditional markets, it is setting new standards, offering exciting prospects for growth and innovation that promises to bring revolutionary products to market.

Stay tuned to Metavesco’s journey as it navigates these exciting times, blending the heritage of traditional industries with the boundless possibilities of the digital age.

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