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How BlockQuarry Corp. (BLQC) is Revolutionizing Blockchain Infrastructure

BlockQuarry Corp., as an over-the-counter (OTC) publicly traded company, has been quietly but assertively making its mark in the realm of blockchain infrastructure solutions. On November 10th, the company successfully settled and regained possession of essential mining assets located in Gaffney, South Carolina. These assets encompass a range of valuable items, including pods, transformers, storage containers, and miners.

The global cryptocurrency mining industry is now under the spotlight of the United States. Leveraging favorable regulations and collaborative government support, $BLQC is rapidly ascending to become one of the nation's primary mining and hosting service providers..

DeFi Revolution

The second half of 2023 has been a defining comeback moment for Bitcoin and broader cryptocurrency markets. As a result of the surge in Bitcoin’s trading price, publicly traded Bitcoin mining companies shared similar gains. Industry leaders such as Marathon Digital (MARA) and Riot Platforms (RIOT) have yielded year-to-date gains of 183% and 207% respectively. Smaller players in the industry have yielded similar or not greater returns, indicating investors have a strong appetite for growth opportunities in the crypto mining sector. Small caps Cipher Mining (CIFR) and Bit Digital (BTBT) netted gains of 365% and 221% respectively. Naturally, micro cap Bitcoin miners now present the most undervalued investment opportunities in the sector. BlockQuarry Corp. (BLQC) has begun its mission to lead the pack for publicly traded Bitcoin miners on the OTC Markets.

Following a recent major settlement victory, BLQC is now well positioned to be the leader of Bitcoin mining micro caps. As per the company’s 2022 annual report, BLQC boasts over $5M in assets, and $5.4M in revenue. At a current market cap of $4.5M, the company trades below 1 PE and presents a strong value case at the current public valuation. Additionally, BLQC is down 68% YTD, despite other mining companies seeing a large rise in stock price. This further indicates that BlockQuarry Corp. is a significantly undervalued company compared to its peers. Therefore, the current valuation potentially presents significant upside as an investment opportunity.

Tech Innovation and Differentiators

A key differentiator for BlockQuarry is its focus on innovation, benefiting from strategic energy source partnerships. The company efficiently operates its PODPARK (Southeastern USA) mine site at significantly low expenses compared to competitors. These significant savings are extended to hosting clients, granting them access to cost-effective mining solutions and improved profit margins.

BlockQuarry aims to continuously evolve their infrastructure to meet the dynamic demands of the market. The current market cap of BLCQ is only $4.5M. This positions the company as significantly undervalued, offering substantial potential for growth and investment. Chart Analysis

Major Support: .0220

Resistance: .0448

Key Level: .1121 (200ma) Next Levels: .2236 -> .3532 -> .4460 Bull Case: 9 day moving averages and MACD are both curling up. Significant rise in volume last week. A break and hold over .0448 would signal significant upside in an extended breakout. Potential major reversal.

Future Prospects

President Alonzo Pierce has hinted at further expansion and operations in the immediate future. The company pledges to provide comprehensive updates on the progress of these business expansions as they unfold potential major acquisitions.

Mt. Zion Market Ventures LLC has been compensated by a third party for the dissemination of information for BlockQuarry Corp. (BLQC). Full disclosure can be found here:

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