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Does Roaring Kitty's GME Maneuver Signal Board Ambitions?

GameStop Logo

Yesterday Roaring Kitty revealed his updated position showing he sold most of his calls and exercised 1/3rd increasing his common share position to 9,001,00 shares. This is the EXACT same number of shares Ryan Cohen initially disclosed when he became involved with GameStop.

Roaring Kitty's Position

This lines up quite well with Kitty's recent tweet of The Office meme with him shaking hands with $GME executive. The night following this meme, GameStop added an "Easter Egg" to their website. Internet detectives were quick to find it. If you clicked the copyright symbol at the bottom of the page, it gave a reference to Kitty.

Meme Tweeted By Roaring Kitty

Today, GameStop's annual meeting was cut short by "technical issues". Some were curious as to the possibility of a DDOS attack. I'm here to tell you there was no DDOS attack, there were no faulty servers, and it was all intentional.

June 17th (National Take Your Cat To Work Day)

The meeting has been rescheduled to this Monday, June 17th. What is significant about this date? That's right, National Take Your Cat to Work Day! Why would Roaring Kitty want more common shares rather than rolling into further out expiry call contracts? Because he's about to join the goddamn board of directors.

The #MOASS isn't over, it just started.

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