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Degen Bet Chronicles: Review & Strategy for Week Ahead

Review of Last Week's Bets (50% Hit rate):

Ceedee Lamb: Cleared the 70+ alt rec yards mark.

Diontae Johnson: Secured 60+ alt rec yards.

Saquon Barkley: Missed 3.5+ receptions due to penalties but would re-bet; the line has since

moved unfavorably.

Darnell Mooney: Surpassed 40+ alt rec yards in a single catch, as predicted.

DeVonta Smith: Hit the 60+ alt rec yards at juicy +145 odds.

Christian Watson: Missed on 50+ alt rec yards; gut feeling was a no-go from the start.

Drake London: Injury resulted in a miss on 60+ alt rec yards, though the method was sound.

Davante Adams: Failed to achieve 80+ alt rec yards amid the Raiders' collapse, had

reservations about this one.

Betting Strategy:

Continuing to focus on defensive matchups which seem to provide an edge.

This Week's Slip:

SGP Bets:

Bucs and Texans: Nico Collins to go over 50+ alt rec yards, Mike Evans over 70+ alt rec yards,

for +232

Dallas Goedert SGP: Betting on 50+ alt rec yards and a TD, capitalizing on his slot route

running and Dallas's defense vulnerabilities at +400 odds.

Single Bets:

Mark Andrews: Targeting 60+ alt rec yards against Seattle's defense, which yields high yards

per reception to TEs (+130).

Rashee Rice: Opting for 50+ alt rec yards, tapping into his increasing role against Miami's

defense (+100).

Alvin Kamara: Aiming for 40+ alt rec yards, a slight risk but playing on Chicago's defensive

weaknesses (+100).

Michael Pittman: Pursuing 70+ alt rec yards against Carolina's zone-heavy defense (+130).

Potential Slip Total: +34,602, which could turn $3 into $1,041.07.

Players on the Radar:

Khalil Shakir: Full-time player status is promising; however, the dynamic with Gabe Davis and

Kincade is unpredictable.

Johnathan Mingo: Awaiting more game involvement before betting on a 50+ yards game.

Quinton Johnston: High on him for dynasty, yet looking for consistency for betting slips.

The strategy remains to play the defense, not just the averages, and to double down on

opportunities when performance and opportunity intersect.

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