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Artist Profile: SUBPARR

My name is Triston Parr, but when it comes to music, I go by SUBPARR. Not only is it a fun play on words with my name, but also an accurate representation of the music I make. I’m under no illusion of being the next groundbreaking artist or even the best musician at your local coffee shop. That is not the goal of my endeavor. I write the songs that I write as a cathartic release, and for the love of creating something. I don’t have aspirations of signing a big record deal, or touring the country, or having a chart-topping hit. With that said, I do take pride in my music, and I put a lot of time and effort into making a song the best that I can make it, or at least until I get burnt out on a single song and tell myself “good enough”. I make the music that I want to hear, and even though I make it for myself, if it resonates with others then that’s all the better. I don’t aim for mass appeal, but rather I hope it sticks with certain individuals that are feeling a similar way.

It’s always difficult to evaluate oneself, but the genres that I think describe me best would be indie folk rock/alternative with elements of singer/songwriter. I record my songs in a makeshift “studio” in my apartment where a dining room is supposed to be. With often simple guitar chords, drum patterns, and “subpar” singing voice, I’d say most of my pride and focus is on the lyrics themselves. Touching mostly on themes of love, heartbreak, addiction, and existential dread, this is the perfect outlet for my inner teenage angst and hopeless romanticism that has lingered within me well into adulthood.

To date, I have released two projects, with a third in progress: Bridget Baby (2022), Honey Bunny (2023), and Trauma Bond with no set release date.

If you are interested in hearing my work, below are links to my pages on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. You can also follow me on Twitter @SUBPARRMusic or Instagram @subparr_music.

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