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3DX Industries (DDDX) Charts a Bold Path Toward Growth

Updated: Jun 19

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3DX Industries Inc. (OTC: DDDX) stands out in the precision manufacturing sector, specializing in 3D metal printing and conventional manufacturing processes. The company supports a diverse range of industries including aerospace, automotive, defense, and medical, employing cutting-edge technology to deliver high-performance parts with exceptional precision. With a commitment to innovation and quality, 3DX continues to push the boundaries of manufacturing capabilities to meet complex and precise production demands.

With an eye on expansion, 3DX has been working towards significantly enhancing its manufacturing capabilities. A key step in this direction is the acquisition of a Nexa (NXE) 400Pro, an industrial-grade resin 3D printer. This advanced technology enables 3DX to produce complex parts more quickly and efficiently. The large build volume of the NXE 400Pro allows for the production of larger parts or multiple parts in one print cycle, increasing throughput and reducing costs. Additionally, its versatility in handling various materials opens up new possibilities for applications in industries such as aerospace and medical. By integrating this cutting-edge printer, 3DX is well-equipped to meet diverse client needs and maintain its competitive edge in the precision manufacturing sector.

Impact Washington Banner

3DX has received a grant from Impact Washington, which will be instrumental in driving the company’s expansion initiatives. This funding will support enhancements in operational efficiencies to better meet the growing demand in the industry. The support from Impact Washington not only provides validation for DDDX's current direction but also emphasizes the company's efforts to maintain financial stability.

Complementing these operational advancements, DDDX has undertaken significant financial restructuring. The company recently reduced its convertible debt by 54% and secured a $150,000 private bridge loan with an interest-only repayment schedule and a conversion option at $0.05 per share—a nearly fivefold increase from the most recent closing price of $0.016.

On top of all this, DDDX maintains a share structure that enhances its flexibility to capitalize on opportunities. As of the latest transfer agent update, DDDX has an authorized share count of 175,000,000, with 107,665,315 shares outstanding, approximately 52 million of which are restricted.

As DDDX continues to align its operational capabilities with market demands, its current approach to capitalize on growth opportunities seems promising. Looking ahead, the company is set to navigate the evolving landscape of manufacturing with agility and insight, making it a promising contender in the global market for precision manufacturing solutions.

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