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This Week on Solana: An Eventful Week Despite Crypto's Slide


The Solana blockchain has once again been at the center of the crypto world's attention, starting with the spectacular rise of Billy to nearly $90 million market cap. This surge spurred a renewed dog coin meta on Solana, which in turn spawned a sort of sub-meta, the Neuralink Meta. This new trend began with Neuralink Dog, based on the dog of the first Neuralink patient.

The Billy saga took a bit of a darker turn when the private key of the dev wallet was leaked. This compromised wallet was then exploited to launch multiple tokens on, all of which turned out to be rugs (surprise surprise).

As both the dog and Neuralink metas progressed, their initial popularity led to market saturation. The crypto community's eagerness for quick gains soon diluted the uniqueness of each new token, leading to a rapid decline in both interest and value.

Emerging from this saturation, a new meta spearheaded by the Abdul Saif coin, began to take shape. This coin quickly escalated to over a $2 million market cap. However, the meta this coin inspired, like its predecessors, soon faced issues of oversaturation. Banner

In other news, announced that when they officially launch their platform on July 7th, they will no longer support links. This policy is designed to encourage more sustainable practices and enhance the quality of the projects we see go live on Ray. They also announced devs who launch on their platform will be able to update links and images after the initial launch -- a feature notably absent from pumpfun.

Meanwhile, DexScreener launched Moonshot, a new fair-launch platform that lowers barriers for developers by offering free Dex updates for projects launched via their platform, significantly reducing overhead costs. This development could potentially shift the dynamic of project launches, emphasizing community support and the meme's merit over 'dev' involvement and financial clout. While Dex Screener's Moonshot platform promotes community involvement in the lifecycle of a memecoin, it also removes one of the few available filters available to us on fair-launch platforms as "dex paid" is now universally true. The impact this will have on the health of Solana remains to be seen.

GRAF G3 Banner

Another major event on Solana was the Smoking Giraffes (GRAF) G3 event on World Giraffe Day. They unveiled footage of their video game, which is set for release on major platforms such as Steam. The preview impressed many, myself included, highlighting GRAF's long-term vision and cementing it in a tier above the typical Solana memecoin.

This week on Solana illustrated the continuous evolution of the blockchain space, where innovation meets speculation, and where the potential for genuine growth coexists with the risks of rapid oversaturation.

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