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RWGI Is Transforming The Cannabis Industry With Green Growth and Bold Goals

Rodedawg International Industries, Inc. (RWGI) is the hottest cannabis stock on the OTC, and it's not that hard to see why. The company operates within the dynamic and regulated California cannabis sector. Through their subsidiaries—Parabola Mgmt. LLC, Brother Buds, and Elixicure—RWGI has managed to not only enhanced its market footprint but also potentially set the stage for remarkable growth. With a roadmap that outlines a path to $7 mil in revs for 2024 this company is building with a vision that keeps shareholder interests front and center. This shareholder-centric approach is further exemplified by RWGI's strategic decision to grow without the need for convertible notes, showcasing their dedication to financial health and shareholder value.

Their approach to growth is both ambitious and calculated. Last year, under the leadership of CEO Chris Swartz, RWGI took significant steps forward. The company invested heavily in a manufacturing facility for extracting cannabis-derived isolates from hemp, a move that Swartz believes demonstrates the leadership's belief in RWGI's expansion plan for 2024 and beyond. This facility has already hit 65% production capacity for cannabis derivatives and isolates, with revenues growing rapidly—a testament to RWGI's capacity for rapid growth and adaptation.

The Global Cannabis Extract Market is on an upswing, expected to reach $21.6 billion by 2026. RWGI's strategic position in this booming market, backed by their manufacturing capability, own distribution, and sales channels, sets them apart. The plan to expand into additional states and evolve into a multi-state operator (MSO) illustrates RWGI's ambition to be at the forefront of the cannabis market.

The company's journey has been marked by strategic alliances and ambitious financial projections. With an exclusive deal with D9, LLC, one of California's foremost cannabis distillate suppliers, and aggressive expansion strategies like the cannabis distribution license application in Coachella, California, RWGI is aiming to set new standards, both in their own industry and on the OTC.

Financially, RWGI is targeting a groundbreaking $7 million in revenue for 2024, a massive leap over years past. This goal is supported by strategic partnerships, expanded licensing efforts, and operational enhancements through acquisitions like Parabola Mgmt. LLC. It's a comprehensive strategy that encompasses scaling proprietary brands and ensuring significant revenue growth.

RWGI continues to build on its foundation with the anticipation of sustained revenue growth follows. The company's commitment, demonstrated through substantial internal investments and strategic expansions, shapes things up well for a bright future. With the planned acquisitions for 2024 expected to further boost revenues, RWGI's growth curve has begun, marked by a significant increase in revenues and the continuous support of stakeholders at all levels.

In the evolving landscape of the cannabis industry, characterized by promising prospects and potential legislative changes such as the SAFE Banking Act that could introduce new revenue avenues and lower operational costs, RWGI distinguishes itself with its forward-thinking and commitment to its shareholders. The company’s strategic planning and successful execution of it's growth strategy highlights RWGI's dynamic role and potential.

As RWGI embarks on its next growth stage, its comprehensive strategy, shareholder-focused initiatives, and strong subsidiary operations depict a company that's setting the bar high for others in the industry. RWGI exemplifies a mix of strategic foresight, financial goals, and dedication to shareholder interests, marking it as a top company to watch in the booming cannabis sector.

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