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Roaring Kitty’s Comeback Sparks Meme Stock Surge

Meme stock magic is back, and the world has taken notice: GameStop’s stock saw an explosive nearly 60% jump on Tuesday, adding to a staggering 74% surge on Monday. GME now sits at $48.75, up an eye-popping 180% from Friday’s close of $17.39. AMC isn't far behind, with its stock soaring about 30% after peaking at a 120% gain earlier in the day. Needless to say, this has captured the attention of degens everywhere.

It all started when Roaring Kitty, who played a pivotal role in the original GME short-squeeze, made his return with a post on Twitter... of this meme GameStop tweeted back February:

GameStop's Tweet Of The Meme

With the move made over the past two days, short sellers are once again feeling the heat. According to S3 Partners, GameStop shorts faced losses well over $1 billion after just two days of trading.

AMC took the opportunity to capitalize on the move by issuing 72.5 million new shares and raking in approximately $250 million. Is there a chance this is more than just a coincidence? Who can say. What we do know is the situation appears to be mirroring 2021 -- all the way down to multiple trading halts and 'mysterious' technical issues facing brokers and preventing access to the markets.

And all it took was one post.

Roaring Kitty's Tweet

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