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Powerdyne International (PWDY): Capitalizing on Semiconductor Demand Surge

PWDY Tweet: "$PWDY Update: The Company is excited to announce we have picked up two new semiconductor manufacturing customers, both having the potential to be large customers as the year progresses. Stay tuned for more exciting updates next week #pwdy #update #investor"

Powerdyne International, Inc. (PWDY) has expanded its footprint in the semiconductor industry, announcing via Twitter that they've secured two substantial manufacturing clients through its subsidiary, CM Technologies. With increasing interest around AI and the resulting surge in demand for semiconductors, the company is capitalizing on these developments at a perfect time.

In tandem with these client acquisitions, PWDY is set to benefit from increased governmental support. Federal and local subsidies are being directed towards building semiconductor manufacturing facilities domestically rather than overseas, highlighting the strategic importance of semiconductor chips for U.S. security and the expanding AI sector.

Recent rumors about PWDY potentially acquiring Composite Motors, Inc. (CMI) have been debunked, clarifying that the company's current focus remains on organic growth and operational enhancements through CM Technologies. Despite these clarifications, the clean structure and up-to-date reporting and auditing standards maintained by PWDY suggest that the company remains well-prepared should such an opportunity arise.

The prospect of an uplist to a higher-tiered OTC exchange, or even transitioning off the OTC market entirely, is generating significant interest. This potential move could dramatically elevate Powerdyne's market profile and investor appeal, signaling a major leap forward for the company’s strategic positioning.

The market is taking notice of PWDY, with the share price climbing this past week from a low of .0015 on Tuesday to a high of .0049 on Friday before settling at .004 to end the week.

As Powerdyne continues to advance its capabilities and strategic position in the semiconductor industry, the future looks promising. With a solid foundation and clear direction, the market watches eagerly as PWDY aims to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the high-demand field of semiconductor technology.

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