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Familiar Faces Driving Success for Earth Science Tech Inc. (ETST)

Earth Science Tech Inc. (ETST) initially caught our eye with their 2nd quarter financial news today. For the quarter the Company reported:

- $1,927,720 in revenue

- $1,181,494 in gross profit

- $444,581 in net profit

- And $3,041,344 in Stockholders Equity after a 54% decrease in liabilities

Highlights of the business operations for the quarter included division is currently licensed in 18 States while 9 additional States have been applied to. - The Peaks Curative division has officially launched and is currently operating, and to target Men’s sexual health. Peaks Curative is currently developing various properties including,,,,, as well as other online properties, to diversify the Peaks portfolio and increase sales.

Familiar Faces

With the growth the company showed in the financials we dove into further due diligence to see if this growth was sustainable and what the company looked like as a whole. A key clue or ingredient that we found was the Chief Compliance Officer of the Company, Nickolas Tabraue. Mr. Tabraue was the CEO for several years while overseeing the restructuring and cleaning up of $ETST before bringing in the most recent acquisitions and management team. This is significant because Mr. Tabraue is also the Interim CEO and Chief Compliance Officer for $BLFR!

We have seen the results of $BLFR so far under his leadership as well as his management teams’ culture towards shareholders. They have been very protective of their share structure and transparent with regular communications to the market.

We have already seen this pattern start to play out with $ETST. The Company has expanded its Board of Directors to 5 members, including 2 independent directors. Shareholder’s Equity has been bulked up to $3mm+ in just the last quarter. Acquisitions are being made to increase revenues immediately without dilution and through vertical integration to create numerous revenue streams.

The Company also stated in its press release today that it is currently evaluating its options including but not limited to acquisitions, dividends and/or buyback of its common stock as proper deployment of its free cash flow.

In summary, success in #OTC has a lot to do with uncovering clues and using some educated speculation to try to connect the dots. Those dots can connect to a bad picture, or they can point you to a future runner as your theory/pattern plays out. We feel this is the case with $ETST. All the ingredients, patterns, players, catalysts, and setups are there for us to speculate that the Company can follow the same path as we are seeing with $BLFR.

Look for further news on acquisitions as well as a reduction in shares or buyback to bring the cap structure down further. The current share structure is 750mm authorized, 314,881,821 issued and outstanding and 31,295,159 on deposit with DTC.

We took a starter today and will trade accordingly as things progress. Stock closed today at $0.07 after hitting a high of $0.078. Volume has been increasing over the last week or so and consolidation has occurred in the $0.05-$0.07 range since pulling back from a high of $0.115 in July. Watching for volume to continue and a break over $0.10 to test 52 wk high ($0.115) as updates continue.

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