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Celebrity-Endorsed Crypto Scams: The Sydney Sweeney Incident

Tweet from @DegenerateNews

The cryptocurrency landscape is once again marred by controversy, this time with Sydney Sweeney at the center of a scandal. A Solana-based memecoin, allegedly backed by Sweeney, saw its market cap surge to nearly $4 million, only for it to crash as the team who launched it rugged the coin. This led to its value dropping by more than a 95% in about 30 minutes. Amidst the chaos, all promotional materials tied to this coin mysteriously vanished from Sweeney’s social media profiles, igniting speculations of her account being hacked—a suspicion that was later confirmed in the token launchers' Telegram room.

Image Of Message From Telegram Room Confirming The Hack

This scenario isn't unique but part of a worrying trend of fake celebrity endorsements plaguing the crypto market. Often, these projects are not directly managed by the celebrities but by third parties or fraudsters. Sweeney’s situation mirrors past incidents involving other high-profile figures like 50 Cent and Hulk Hogan, where their names were used without their knowledge to promote shady cryptocurrency schemes. These recurring scams tap into the enthusiasm of fans and inexperienced investors, promising high returns but often resulting in significant financial losses. The community's frustration is growing, with increasing calls for more stringent scrutiny of celebrity-endorsed crypto projects and for greater accountability from those promoting them.

Tweet From @SolanaPrincess Calling For More Diligent DD From The Crypto Community

The takeaway for crypto participants is clear: skepticism and thorough due diligence are crucial when considering investment in celebrity-endorsed projects. Potential investors should scrutinize these opportunities with an emphasis on transparency and legitimacy, ensuring that any celebrity endorsements are indeed authentic and not just another ploy to mislead the public.

Update: The coin has been taken over by the community, DexScreener is updated, and as of this writing, the market cap has grinded back up to $1 million.

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