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Caitlyn Jenner's Crypto Chaos: A $100 Million Rollercoaster

$Jenner Coin On Dex Screener

In the ever-drama filled world of cryptocurrency, nothing sparks debate like a celebrity endorsement gone awry. Caitlyn Jenner's recent venture into the crypto market with her Solana meme coin, $JENNER, has left both casual lurkers and crypto experts befuddled. Here's the dramatic tale of Jenner's token: its meteoric rise, the ensuing skepticism, and the tangled controversies that followed.

It all began with a surprising announcement. Late Sunday night, Caitlyn Jenner's X account declared the launch of $JENNER on the Solana blockchain via Within hours, the token's trading volume soared to an astonishing $100 million while many questioned whether this was a genuine launch or another case of a celebrity account being hacked.

Crypto degens quickly voiced their doubts, including notorious crypto names such as @Pauly0x with this tweet expressing his skepticism. Given the history of compromised celebrity accounts promoting dubious tokens, he was not alone in being skeptical of the $Jenner coin. Despite all the doubts and claims of a social media hijack, Jenner's account continued to endorse the Solana coin, even posting a video asserting the token's authenticity and its impressive trading volume.

The drama escalated when Jenner publicly accused her promoter, Sahil Arora, of scamming her and going silent just after launch. Arora, who boasts connections with numerous celebrities and a controversial reputation, denied the allegations and claimed Jenner was mishandling the project.

The degen investigators were not far behind, uncovering potential pump-and-dump schemes tied to Arora. Wallet addresses linked to him revealed large transactions of $JENNER tokens, further fueling accusations. The controversy deepened as other celebrities began accusing Arora of similar scams.

Amidst the turmoil, the value of the $JENNER token fluctuated wildly. Despite the ongoing controversy, Jenner's social media accounts remained active in promoting the token and even tweeted this general disclaimer about investing in crypto:

Caitlyn Jenner's Disclaimer Tweet

Is Caitlyn Jenner's memecoin a sincere venture into the crypto world, or is it another addition to the growing list of celebrity-endorsed crypto disasters? The truth remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: the $JENNER saga has captivated the crypto community.

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