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Beyond Merchandise: Super Anime Store's Journey of Growth, Community, and Anime Passion

In July 2023, the anime retail landscape witnessed a transformative event that would forever change the course of anime merchandise. Super Anime Store, Inc., a name that had been steadily growing in the realm of anime retail, was acquired by U C, Inc., previously known as Symmetry Technologies, Inc. This strategic acquisition marked a significant shift, with Allam Lobo, the original visionary and founder of Super Anime Store, ascending as CEO of the now publicly-listed company under the ticker $SMMR. Under Lobo's leadership, Super Anime Store began an exciting new chapter, blending its deep-rooted passion for anime with the broader capabilities of a public corporation.

Super Anime Store's journey began in 2010 as an online venture to cater to the burgeoning demand for authentic anime merchandise in the U.S. This digital foundation laid the groundwork for their expansion into physical retail spaces, beginning with their first store in Lauderhill, Florida, in 2014.

Inspired by the essence of Japanese stores and fueled by his frequent trips to Japan, Allam Lobo has created spaces that extend beyond commerce, becoming communal hubs where anime enthusiasts could connect, share their passion, and immerse themselves in the vibrant culture. This approach has not only solidified Super Anime Store's reputation as a top anime provider in South Florida, but has also transformed their stores into cherished gathering spots for the local community.

Today, Super Anime Store operates four stores in Florida, along with an independently owned location in Salt Lake City, Utah. Each store serves as a gateway to exclusive, Japan-sourced anime merchandise, reflecting Lobo's unwavering commitment to authenticity and diversity in product offerings.

More than just a retailer, Super Anime Store thrives on Lobo's dedication to fostering a vibrant community and crafting authentic anime experiences. His leadership extends beyond product sourcing; it cultivates a haven for fans, buzzing with energy from meticulously curated shelves to cosplay meetups and workshops led by animation masters. This commitment to community permeates every detail, solidifying Super Anime Store as a true home for anime enthusiasts.

Super Anime Store's product line is a symphony of anime passion, catering to both seasoned collectors and new fans with everything from limited-edition collectibles to trendy apparel and accessories. Regular updates ensure the latest trends and series are on display, making it a go-to destination for anyone seeking a piece of anime magic.

With the anime market projected to reach a staggering $60.06 billion by 2030, nearly doubling its current valuation, Super Anime Store is poised to dominate this explosive growth. Their strategic move to list on OTC unlocks access to capital for further expansion, potentially adding dozens of new havens for anime fans across the country. Coupled with a revamped online platform, Super Anime Store is positioned to capture a significant share of this booming market.

Super Anime Store is more than a retail success story; it's a testament to the transformative power of passion, purpose, and anime. From buzzing cosplay meetups to anime-inspired workshops, their stores have become beacons for the soul of the anime community. With robust expansion plans, Super Anime Store stands as a shining example of how business can be a force for good, steering the anime market towards a brighter future.

Check out what Super Anime Store has to offer for yourself at, stay in the loop on the latest news by following them on Twitter @SuperAnimeStore, and keep an eye out on their OTC Markets page for official updates and company communication for Super Anime Store, trading under the ticker $SMMR.


To gain deeper insights into the unique journey of Super Anime Store, we sat down with founder Allam Lobo. Here’s what he had to share about his personal experiences and vision for the company:

Checkers: Can you share how your personal love for anime not only sparked the creation of Super Anime Store but also continues to shape its vision?

Lobo: Growing up watching anime really was a very big influence for me to found Super Anime Store. To be able to see, touch, and buy all types of merchandise from old and new anime is very fun and entertaining. This is something I was not able to do as a child and that is the vision for the company: to offer the opportunity to everyone to be able to personally see products.

Checkers: At what point in this journey did you see Super Anime Store evolving into the cultural centerpiece it is today? What personal experiences or motivations fueled this dream?

Lobo: 2019 marked a difference in the company's future. I had two choices: would it stay a small business with a couple of stores forever, or would I risk it all and expand. I wrote down all the pros and cons of both choices and came to the conclusion that the second one was best. Streaming platforms were getting more [anime] content as well, which in turn helped the company grow. At that point I saw the potential of what the company can become.

Checkers: Your trips to Japan play a pivotal role in bringing authentic experiences to your stores. Could you share some memorable highlights and insights from these trips and how they influence the store's offerings?

Lobo: The first time I went to Mandarake in Nakano Broadway, I was blown away by the amount of products they offered. They literally have everything. They are also what I want Super Anime Store to become.

Checkers: What was the inspiration behind your vision of Super Anime Store as more than just a retailer, but also as a cultural hub and a beneficial force for good in the community?

Lobo: The inspiration came from the Japanese stores and culture, especially Mandarake. I am putting together a model from bits and pieces from lots of Japanese stores I really liked. Although the American anime scene is not yet in the same phase as the Japanese, it will be in the future, and I want to make sure Super Anime Store helps build it.

Checkers: Super Anime Store offers a rewards program that gives loyal customers the chance to visit Japan. Can you elaborate on this opportunity?

Lobo: Yes, we have a loyalty reward system in all stores and our website: with every dollar a customer spends they earn 1 point. They can use points for discounts and free merch. However, I always tell my customers they should go to Japan at least once in their lifetime. It is a great experience. For most people it is almost impossible because it is far and expensive. So, I decided to give them the opportunity as a token of appreciation for being loyal to Super Anime Store. If a customer saves 10,000 points, Super Anime Store will send them to Japan on an all expenses paid guided tour. As far as I know, we are the only anime company in the country who offers this.

Checkers: Looking towards the future, what new developments or expansions can customers and fans expect from Super Anime Store? How do you plan to continue nurturing the anime community spirit and fostering a sense of belonging among fans?

Lobo: The next objective of the company is expansion. I already have 2 cities in mind that I definitely need to open a store in: The first is Austin, Texas; and the second is Richmond, Virginia. Every store that I open will start promoting activities to involve the local anime community, such as meet and greets, pokemon tournaments, mini conventions, giveaways, and the most important, accessibility to products. At the end of the day, that is what customers want – their collectibles.

Checkers: Many are eager to see these and hear more formal updates from the company! Where do things stand on getting access to your page on OTC Markets to post filings?

Lobo: This has been a very long process and I am learning so much about it. As per the email we received from OTC Markets last week, it should take another week. I have been working hard on getting things done the correct way. As I mentioned before, this company is my business and I want to make sure it grows up strong. I've learned when you are new at something, the way is harder because you are building it yourself; but it is definitely worth it.

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