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Artist Profile: Special Occasion

Special Occasion is the moniker for a Sacramento-based artist who produces eye-catching visual art and clothing designs. Special Occasion is boundary-pushing multi-media experimentation in every sense. Special Occasion presses her characteristically stark imagery, often in bold black and white, onto an array of mediums ranging from totes and shirts to linocut prints.

Both the form and content of Special Occasion's art portrays a unique aesthetic of equal parts grittiness and whimsy threaded together with an incisive, occasionally sardonic, social awareness. Each piece of Special Occasion's clothing is made from recycled and secondhand items that are hand-printed, and sometimes even dyed with natural beetroot and turmeric dyes, all in an effort to eliminate waste while producing meaningful art.  In this meticulous process, each of Special Occasion's pieces are made one of a kind. Since no two are alike, each work is a "Special Occasion" unto itself.

Aside from her work producing visual art, Special Occasion is also a local musician. As the bassist, singer, and partner songwriter of her noise rock band BLOUS3, she crafts songs as eclectic and creative as her visual art.

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